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Cliparts and Java-Links you can find here (Computer/Webdesign)*

Midi and MP3-Links you can find here (Musik)* - The 32bit OS Center!
3D Action Gamers' Archive - Shareware and Freeware
Audiofind- Media Search Engine
Dr. Download - Only the Finest in Shareware!
Filez - Search over 75 million files.
Freeware Home - Free Software and Internet Services
Freewareweb - Free Software and Newsletter
Gameguru- Games, Cheats, Links, Search
Games Domain - The Gamer's Voice
Games Cheats (over 10.000) by Happysurfer
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Slackware Linux Homepage
JUMBO Shareware, Freeware - Software for Linux
Linux-File-Search ( - Linux Software
Mirrors of sunsite's Linux archive
My Shareware Page!
LEOs File Search - MP3 Search Engine
Where do you want the bug today ?
Download Netscapes Mozilla
Download Netscapes Mozilla via ftp - Driver download
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center
The International PGP Home Page
World Wide Web Server Software - find shareware
Art & more at
Shareware for Win95 and NT
Simtel.Net - Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network - Software Download Superstore - Shareware and Freeware Search-Engine
TuDogs: Free Software, Graphics, Services
Virtual Dr. - Drivers and more
VOLKOV Commander Homepage! 32-bit Shareware ...
The WinSite(tm) Archive
Top 100 Warez Sites
Warez and OSCAR (Serial-Tool)
KGB Warez Homepage
MARS Warez - Homepage
Warez Universe
Warez Dimension
Warez- Solar Warez
Warez- Liquid Warez
Welcome Warez Ftp - Warez-Search
Warez-Search - Astalavista - Driver Download
WinSite Archive (ftp)
WinPlanet - Windows Software
Washington University Data Archive
The Ulimate Collection of Winsock Software
ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware

Some Linux ftp-Sites


Sites in Germany *

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